25 March, 2013

Losantiville Lines: The Sweet Snows of Spring

We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side. -- Kahlil Gibran

Bouncing up and down the Ohio River as I've been doing, I am thinking about the merits of having a vehicle; nothing grand, you understand, or anything to go into debt for. My thoughts are tending towards a respectably older model small truck, extended cab, with some kind of cover over the bed. I'd leave it parked on some jaunts, naturally; I still think public transportation is a necessary thing and I plan on taking advantage of it whenever possible.

But since Porkopolis likes to drag it's cloven hooves through the matter of public transportation, and since Ohio's current Governor is a mook of the highest order, short range public transit is limited to the Greyhound Bus, or the middle of the night Amtrak runs. And while I don't object to the bus and I love to ride the train, I'm starting to think it might be nice to have some flexibility, transportation-wise.

The semester at NKU is running out quickly. In some ways, it can't go quickly enough. The experience is good, and I am enjoying all of it but the usual tedium of having to be on someone else's clock -- albeit a loosey goosey part-time academic clock. But I am ready to move on. Towards that end, in addition to my two classes and phone-based tutoring, I volunteered to teach a colleague's ENG 101 for the rest of the semester on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

That means more papers to read. But it also means a bit more money to put towards the endeavor of updating my pack and person, as well as saving cash for the Travel Fund.

I'm looking towards the summer. DaveFest up in Mount Carroll, The Kid's high school graduation and move to North Carolina, spending more time down river, and a jaunt north to the tar sands around Williston, North Dakota.

And hopefully, along the way, some hootinannying, some storytelling, some musicification, and some poetisizing.


And also some gardening planting, some booze brewing, and other such semi-domesticatifications. I may even make soap.

Don't forget that copies of End Notes to the Deep Atlas of Time are available. There are also a few few few copies left of The Crossing of St. Frank and Whitman By Moonlight. See the tab CHAPBOOKS, ETC for more details.

Gawd Bless.


In spite of all prestidigitation indicating the contrary, this recent late season snow is STILL not the ever impending ZOMBIE-SNOW-POCYCLPSE. Not yet. Not now. We will now return to our regularly scheduled ennui.<\i>

Location:Cincinnati, OH