29 July, 2015

Death, Drones, and Shake Down Artists


It's been a busy few days along the dirty, sacred river. Up stream in Losantiville, the city is bracing for the aftershock of a shooting. A University of Cincinnati rent-a-cop shoots 43 year old Samuel Dubose. According to the reports, Dubose was pulled over and rather than produce a driver's license, he produced a liquor bottle. Students and family held a peaceful campus rally. UC cops handed the investigation over to the city -- but even the county prosecutor doesn't think it looks good for the rent-a-cop.

Anyone who knows anything about the long history of Porkopolis and police knows there is no love lost between those who wear a badge and pretty much anyone west of 5 Mile Road. And anyone who knows anything about the nature of power and the University of Cincinnati's land grab in the shriveled corporate heart of that city knows that the university, like many universities of equal size and reach, behaves like a city-state unto itself.

That Dubose is dead and not awaiting trial for drunk driving is not only a tragedy that should have been avoided; it one more testament to the hubris of an out-of-control power and greed machine that is the modern university.

[UPDATE, 10:55am -- I hear that the campus is closing at 11am today. Someone is worried about something happening.]


 Meanwhile, back here in River City and in parts nearby, a Bullitt County man was arrested for shooting down a drone hovering over his backyard. The drone didn't belong to to any governmental agency -- just a couple of techie interlopers who undoubtedly thought they were being funny, or who were being pervy. In either case, William Merideth, while on the hook for firing a weapon in town limits and firing in the air on a day other than Christmas and Independence Day, is at least a good shot.

Shakedown Artists

Near the top of the food chain in power and greed machines -- otherwise known as the modern university system -- is the university president. If you pay attention  to local news and views, you may be aware that poor ol', Dr. James Ramsey -- the University of Louisville President -- is so destitute that a local contractor and good ol' boy -- who's frequently getting all kinds of contracts and favors from UofL -- has offered to cover some of Jimmy nut. 

Meanwhile, in news and views up 3rd Street and in Versailles, Kentucky, the KCTCS regularly publishes the budgeted salaries of certain important people, including system president Dr. Jay Box. While adjuncts -- who teach a majority of the courses in the KCTCS system and therefore create most of the wealth and value of that institution -- draw poverty wages, Jay Box -- who generates nothing, creates nothing, and contributes less than nothing -- earns $345,000 a year.

That doesn't include other perks and benefits, of course.

While I object on moral and ethical grounds to either Jimmy or Jay being paid what they are for the very little they actually do, I have to commend them both on putting on some pretty good scams.

Operation 200

I'm trying to get my Facebook Page up to 200 likes. As an incentive, I've promised to record a short show somewhere in the city. This show will be posted here. I promise it'll be worth the freight.

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