Support the Arts by Supporting an Artist (Me!)


How much do we spend on cups of coffee from the coffee shop? Or on digital downloads? When I sat down to think of reasons to offer when asking folks to donate money through the blog, it occurred to me that we spend a lot of time and money on things we can't really touch or keep. The arts have always existed in an experiential space. People engage with good writing or a fine painting because the experience itself matters.

And while that has always been true, something else has also been true: American arts and letters are always in peril. Even if we have political leaders who appreciate the arts and believe they should be encouraged, it's still difficult to make the argument that the arts should take precedence over other things. And recently, it's become very clear that artists need to reach out and find other sources as federal and state level monies dry up.

By supporting an artist you are making the argument that these things matter to your life. Those of us engaged in the arts, whether it's writing or painting or theater, or some other kind of art, understand that what we do has a place in a healthy democracy; and when the arts no longer have a place, it's more than just the artist who suffers. Our culture suffers, too.

  • If you've enjoyed something I've written, or a video I've recorded, or a podcast I've produced, that's a really good reason to kick in a little to the ol' digital tip jar, and
  • you may want to make a one time donation (which I really appreciate!) but not become a regular patron (which I appreciate!)
please consider donating the cause. I won' lie. I'll use your gift to help keep the lights on, keep the water running, and keep the cabinets adequately stocked.  In order for the arts to move forward, we need to find different ways to keep at it.

I'm going to be announcing some publications soon -- a poetry chapbook and a short story chapbook. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for your attention and for your donation. It's very much appreciated.

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